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MYTY SDK Features

MYTY SDK provides instant utility and social metaverse experience to PFP holders, unlocking the full potential of their avatarized NFT collections.

Input source flexibility

MYTY SDK supports input such as motion capture, audio, and keyboard, enabling a vast range of avatar interactions.

Performance optimization

MYTY SDK supports FPS adjustment to optimize performance for various devices and environments.

Unity & Unreal engine Integration

MYTY SDK offers integration with Unity, a popular game development platform, providing developers with a familiar and powerful toolset for creating
MYTY-compatible applications. (Unreal engine integration is in development)

MYTY SDK Workflow

Once the source codes are implemented in the app, every avatar in the Avatar Registry becomes usable on your iOS, Windows, macOS and Chrome apps.

Illustration of the process of use the created avatar in web3 apps using the myty sdk workflow
Illustration of the process of use the created avatar in web3 apps using the myty sdk workflow

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Is it possible to integrate MYTY SDK into non-Unity based applications or services?

Yes, MYTY SDK can be integrated into various applications such as Web (PC/Mobile), Android, and iOS, as long as it is possible to modify the code for your application or service. To minimize your effort on C#, documentation and SDK are provided. Our goal is to make it easy for developers to integrate MYTY SDK into their applications and services. Regardless of the app that you are building, MYTY SDK can be integrated into gaming, social media and a variety of applications.

Is it mandatory to verify users' wallets to use a specific avatar?

No, it is not mandatory to verify users' wallets just like you can set up a profile picture in twitter. In a decentralized world, there is no mandatory action for developers. However, we highly recommend verifying users' wallets to allow the holder to use their PFP or gaming character. This will ensure that the user has full control over their avatar and can use it across different platforms.

Can I use the SDK without having a video stream?

Yes, you can use MYTY SDK without having a video stream. We provide a motion capture solution (Mediapipe) that connects to a motion template, which is the default input source for avatar rendering.

However, if you would like to generate a motion template from another source of input such as TTS or random face meshes, it is totally up to you to implement it. Additionally, we are developing a module, which converts TTS into motion template, for those who want to use text as an input source. This feature will enable users to generate motion templates from various sources, making it easier to create avatars without relying on video streams.

Is MYTY SDK free to use?

Yes, we believe that an open ecosystem will accelerate the growth of the metaverse.

MYTY SDK is free to use, but you need to put our logo somewhere in your application or service. Upon request, we provide a terms and conditions that elaborates on the requirements for using MYTY SDK.

How can I onboard my characters or NFT into MYTY Avatars?

That's great to hear! But, you are at the wrong address. To onboard your characters or NFT, please visit MYTY Kit gitbook.

MYTY Kit is a platform that allows users to create live avatars from PFPs and enable holders to utilize it in metaverse applications. Through MYTY Kit, you will be able to easily onboard your NFTs into MYYT Metaverse applications, which are built using MYTY SDK and MYTY Avatars.

Could you give me some examples of integrating the SDK?

Yes, we can provide examples of integrating the SDK. You can check out MYTY Partners at this link. These applications showcase how our SDK can be integrated into different types of applications, including but not limited to gaming and social media apps. We are always looking for new applications to integrate MYTY SDK, please contact us!

Can I connect MYTY SDK to other motion capture solutions?

Of course you can. You can connect your mocap solution to our motion template. If you have any trouble implementing it, please contact us through: